Why Organic?

Dave’s Hippy Oil understands that ‘conventional agriculture’ is damaging our environment. Healthy soil is made up of a symbiotic relationships with everything around, above, and below it, and when this relationship is altered through chemical means, the plants ability to absorb and distribute nutrients is damaged and the majority of beneficial organisms in the soil […]

Why Sunflower Oil?

USDA Organic Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus annuus) which has a high Vitamin E content and was traditionally used by Native Americans to treat snakebite, cuts, bruises, pruritus, warts, and inflammation, including rheumatism. Within 1 hour of one application of sunflower seed oil, however, the pace of skin barrier function recovery significantly quickened. The effect was […]

What are Essential Oils?

A product made by distillation with either water or steam or by mechanical processing of citrus rinds or by dry distillation of natural materials. Following the distillation, the essential oil is physically separated from the water phase.   Historical Use of Essential Oils Essential oils have been used around the world for centuries. Essential oils […]